8 thoughts on “The Mysteries of Laura: 67

  1. Amen, sister…I was born in ’67, so that’s my rationale. A mens size L, please! BTW, she’s worn it in at least two episodes so far!

    1. I found the shirt!! It’s a Denim & Supply shirt by Ralph Lauren and was clearance on the website. It’s called Americana Stars I belive.

      1. Done and done! Only larges are left and they’re actually womens tops, so I guess I’ll have to settle for seeing my wife in it! Oh, well, at least we snagged one…thanks again!

          1. So my wife wants to know if these run large, but seeing as how it’s billed as a boyfriend’s tee, I’m sure it’s large, indeed! Now that I think of it, since it is a boyfriend’s tee, maybe I could wear it after all!

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